Commercial and Business Headshots Orange County

Photo Enigmatic headshots photography studiio offers the highest quality of Headshots Orange County – Professional Headshots,  Actor Orange County Headshots, Children’s Headshots,  Senior Headshots and Performing Artist Headshot Services.

Why hiring a good photographer for your professional headshot or business headshot?

– Because a great visual presentation of who you are is a powerful tool for making people remember you, it communicates in a good way the brand called YOU.  Facial recognition is wired deeply inside every human mind. It is very much to your advantage to provide a head shot that people can identify with and remember you by.

– Because:

– Today, you only get one shot at a first impression

– People who care about their appearance on portfolios and on-line are seen as:

• Credible and trustworthy

• Capable

• Intelligent

• Confident

– Good visual presentation gives your brand an identity.

– It’s a well known marketing fact that most sales decisions are based on emotion.

I am an artist with passion and I make sure I spent enough time with my customer and in post processing to make sure I capture and portray you in most favorable light and mood. My goal is to create a long lasting experience for you and your customers.

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