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Erin and Mike – Maternity Photo Session – Orange County


Evelina Pentcheva, creatrix of PhotoEnigmatic, sources beauty through her soul.  She brings out the highest, most sacred, most profound, most meaningful and most alive aspects of everyone she works with.   She is not afraid to broach any subject and then take it to its fullest expression – even to places never imagined.  Working with her soars the counsciousness and renders the luscious beauty present in every one.  My life has been profoundly deepened and been given so much pure joy by knowing her.  She brings happiness wherever she goes!

Marianne D’Amore, D.C., L.Ac. – Dr. D’Amore has been practicing her dynamic blend of acupuncture, nutrition, chiropractic, meditation, yoga and Tai Qi for more than 30 years.


Evelina Pentcheva, Creadora ,Soñadora… con el Poder de Detener en el Tiempo la Transparencia del Arte…. Apasionada Artista que con sus Manos Crea la Magia en la Fotografia ….Anibal Diaz

Evelina Pentcheva Creadora, dreamer… with the power to detain in time the transparency of the art… Passionate artist who with his hands creates magic in photography…Anibal Diaz (Translated by Bing)
I find Evelina’s photography astonishing, exquisite and revolutionary. It continues to amaze me how naturally she can transform a subject , taking the rawness of the moment, the gesture, the natural environment and put a magical twist to it without while keeping the original rhythm. She is a alchemist combining Childish innocence and whimsy with feminine intuition and wisdom. If you are looking for a doorway to magical photography you will not be disappointed. – Yoana Georgieva, Owner and Operator of Bodywork by Yoana Georgieva, MT.

Dear Evelina,
I just wanted to take a moment to write to you, to express my thanks for the fantastic photoshoot experiences I had with you!
During my maternity, then my newborn baby, you have captured my happiness and made me able to please my family overseas by sending them moments, not simply photos. It is people like you who make our world a better place, simply by taking the extra time and imagination to create our fairytale in pictures. I really appreciate the time you took to create my fairytale.  Once again, thank you for the fantastic photoshoot experiences.
Kindest regards Snezhana & Bennett



I am just seeing them and I love them!

You made me so beautiful. Love the red hair and the green eyes. Love the Om symbol! Love my necklace showing on Om one. Love the first big one because of my eyes.

You are wonderful!”

Jacquie Freeman / Yoga Instructor